Moss Works

The Arteles Residency has been the ideal setting for me to expand on my practice. After recently completing the long-term project of my MFA in Sydney, I was ready to spend some concentrated time on pure experimentation. I was inspired by the varied practices of the other residents, the huge facilities and the forrest surrounding the Creative Centre. I had the time to go in a lot of different directions a well as completing a sustained body of experimental pieces with natural materials. Specifically I aimed to consider how technology is heavily intertwined with our lives, even in non-urban settings. To do this I reversed the dynamic of street art – a permanent mark seen by many in the city – to ‘Moss Stencils’, icons of social networking and technology etched into a rural environment. These marks are transient, and seen by few. Familiar symbols and phrases such as ‘like’ make a playful juxtaposition within a non-built setting, and perhaps remind the viewer how much of the world around us is mediated by our devices.

PDF available here: arteles_catalogue_septembers