““Moss Stencils is a series of work completed during a studio residency I held at Arteles Creative Centre in Hämeenkyrö Finland in September 2012. The work came as a response to the lush forests surrounding the residency in addition to continuing my fascination with virtual spaces in an embodied and figurative state in order to make “real” the self that exists only in signified space. By carving phrases and symbols of our virtual life into the wilderness, the pieces acted as a kind of anti-street-art. While the work was in a public environment, it stands in stark contrast the urban setting that characterises the street-art genera. This work was also a removal of material in the environment, rather then an addition. The rural setting of the pieces sought to parody the semi-rhetorical nature of social networking sites. If a tweet falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?””

–  Grace Kingston: Nov 09, 2012 

You can view the original publication here.