The artwork of Will Coles hides in plain sight, blending seamlessly with its street surroundings. A coiled spring waiting to deliver a punch to the astute viewer. Fiercely anti-consumerist and generally politically motivated, Coles works to question traditional cultural assumptions by subverting our familiar objects and exhibiting them with our everyday lives.


Coles pioneered, and continues to dominate the 3D and sculptural street art movement in Australia. Often working with subjects previously discarded in these areas, he casts, carves and provides a voice for our future historical relics – trash. Beginning with his now infamous small mobile phone sculptures, his voice has grown louder as the subjects of his work increase I size. A clear analogy for the forgotten people in our society, Coles work talks as you walk in clear defiance of our current “pay to play” political and Cultural climates.


Grace Kingston

Artist & arts writer