I have been selected to exhibit some of my Moss Stencil works with a host of talented American artists for the Triangle and Amuse Bouche exhibition, curated by Stephanie Browne and Kay Ottinger. Opening this Friday, April the 5th at 8pm, 476 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY 11237, there will be performances from 9-10pm. The website is an artwork in itself, so I recommend you check it out here: TAB Brooklyn.

TAB presents dynamic exhibitions which intend to stimulate new pathways for the perception of the arts. TAB programs unify diverse forms of visual art, dance, performance, music, film, and interactive media into a live and audience-centric format.
The partnership of Triangle and Amuse Bouche (TAB) lends energy and support to artists from diverse artistic backgrounds who make the leap to work collaboratively. The platform provides the opportunity for artists who are working with an idea, to further deepen their investigation through sharing their processes of experimentation and interpretation. By involving artists from Brooklyn, the US and abroad, it is also an agent in developing the “glocal” arts community.
The exhibition methodology derives from questioning the role of audience perception. We interrogate the idea, How does an audience receive multiple artworks within one timespace?, and the subsequent ideas, How may live art forms “activate” static forms? How does painting or sculpture cohabit in the present moment along with ephemeral performance? How does the audience “perform” in an exhibition timespace?