I’m very excited to announce my fourth solo exhibition – Here You Are

Running from the 7th-19th of October, opening night is Wednesday the 9th of October from 6-8pm, I hope you’ll join me for some wines to celebrate.


The exhibition investigates Facebook check-ins. I have teamed up with a programmer friend, and all around techno-genius, Nic Cope; to monitor the check-ins of friends on my Facebook feed. I’m exploring this because the presence of social media has become ubiquitous in contemporary culture. Yet, despite being able to socialise with anyone, in any corner of the globe, we still long to ‘be’ somewhere. It is this desire that has lead to the rise of the check-in on Facebook, Foursquare and other social media sites. Usually accompanied by a picture and text, these updates serve as largely rhetorical acts of promotion and records of a person’s life, broadcast to an ambiguous audience. Consequently, they become an interesting reflection on the social trends and culture of an area. In reference to Sydney’s inner-west, I have acted as an artist-anthropologist, studying the city as it is seen in the real world, and as it is seen through the screen. To do this I have created three works to investigate each facet of a check-in: the place, the picture and the text. In doing so I hope to better understand where I am located culturally, and in the art world.

This exhibition has kindly been sponsored by Marrickville Council, who have awarded me a $3000 Independent Artist Grant for the production and exhibition of this work. Many Thanks!