Here You Are is a project based on data collected from Facebook check-ins; I monitored the check-ins of my friends to discover the places people wanted to be ‘seen’ at. To help me achieve this I collaborated with Google/Spotify programmer Nic Cope, who designed a web based program using AppEngine, Python, and the Facebook Graph API to monitor every check-in made from the people within my friend’s feeds. The installation is geographically aligned with the area and based on a to-scale map of a 1km radius of the gallery, in which 1mm = 1m. The drop pins are positioned to reflect the number of check-ins at each location, where 1cm = 1 check-in, for example, Thai Riffic received 7 check-ins, so is positioned 7cm from the floor. The data was hand counted to exclude duplicates, and collate any doubled-up venue locations, for example, there were separate entries for the ZanziBar and their event, Birdcage. I wanted to create a new topographical map to investigate the landscape of ‘cool’ within the area.

The scrolling LED sign features anonymous check-in statuses from my Facebook friend feed. Separated from their usual online context the writings appear as humorous and absurd, parodying the self-advertising nature that identity crafting on social media encourages. I have amplified this absurdity by using clashing colours, kitsch fonts and turning the sign’s brightness up to it’s maximum capacity.

These pictures were taken at the three most checked-in places in Newtown, at the most checked-in time. Aiming to embody the spirit of these establishments by impersonating the other patrons in the most common kind of photograph accompanying check-ins, the selfie. They have been edited with imitated Instagram filters and printed on glass, as these kinds of images are usually viewed through a glass covered device like a mobile, tablet or computer.