Deep Solitude asks us to occupy this subjectivity – the isolated body seeing with a modified gaze. It thereby evokes a sense of shared experience with the naked forms decorating the floor of the exhibition. Venerable and ornamental, organic and affected, Deep Solitude asks us to remember what it feels like to be alone, with ourselves, with the world outside us somehow always distanced by our gaze.

Natasha Wolf

The exhibition has been a massive success, many thanks to David Greenhalgh and the entire Archive Team for helping me with this body of work.

glistening like dew

riding on pride

my ghostly side

Jessica Cham

You can find the PDF of the catalogue including Poem by Jessica Cham and an Essay by Natasha Wolf here: Archive Space #43 – Deep Solitude

Here are some photos of the installation and the opening night:


And here is every Mossy up close: