‘Like’ at 319 Scholes – Installation

Like installation #17

After a lot of running around organising in the winter chill, ‘Like’ was a massive success! If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a selection of installation shots from the show.

Moss Stencils series

twitter bird (2)

The major series of work completed during my residency at Arteles in September. The work came as a response to the lush forests surrounding the residency in Hämeenkyrö and continued exploring my fascination with virtual spaces in an embodied and figurative state. By carving phrases and symbols of our virtual life into the wilderness, the pieces acted as a kind of anti-street-art, it diverges in that the work is a removal of material in the environment, rather then an addition. While the work was in a public environment, it stands in stark contrast the urban setting that characterises the street-art genera. The rural setting of the pieces sought to parody the semi-rhetorical nature of offering contributions to social networking sites. If a tweet falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


iMoss Series

Sphagnum moss, rag paper, box frame

An experimental series continuing my investigation into technology and ‘living’ environments completed during my residency at Arteles in September

Domestication series

Grace Crop

A small experimental series completed during my residency at Arteles

The model used in the shoot is the very talented Grace Needlman

61st Blake Prize – 2012 finalist

I’m very excited to announce that my work Dan 2 – Grace+ series, has been selected for the Blake Prize this year. The exhibition opens at S. H. Ervin Gallery on the 9th of November, and runs until the 16th of December. Winners announced on the night.


Grace+ Exhibition – 28 King St, Newtown

Grace+Brianna May

Here it is! In the flesh, so to speak.

Rocks Residency – Open studio for Art Month 2012

Bree 3 Small

Newtown Art Seat


Marrickville Council Art Post Interview

Grace Kingston – Newtown Art Seat

My name is Grace Kingston and I’m a conceptual artist from Petersham.

My current creative project is… At the moment I’m finishing my MFA at COFA, it’s a research degree with a practical component, so I’m mainly focused on finishing my thesis and working towards my end of degree exhibition. My work experiments with the relationships between visceral bodies, identity and technology, at the point where bodies encroach on technology. The artwork investigates new aesthetics produced from a culture operating on an increasingly cyber-based identity. Responding to the last decades of Posthumanist discourse, I invert the notion of the Cyborg, and consider instead how the body doctors and influences technology itself. Specifically, my current work is concerned with how identity construction is shaped online and in the real world, i.e. how is the way we edit our real bodies through bodymod, cosmetic surgery, hair, etc, related to the way we edit our online bodies via avatars and social networking user profiles – the kind of user profile pictures we choose, the kind of info we will disclose or omit. All of this information is very telling as to how we perceive ourselves and how we wish others to view us.

My next creative project is… I’m really excited at the moment because I just found out last week that I’ve been chosen for a studio-residency at The Rocks, as part of their pop-up programhttp://therockspopup.tumblr.com

I’m looking forward to using this space as a site for making more work for my end of degree exhibition, which will be in May of this year (in a secret pop-up location as well).

For this work I will undertake investigations through a series of multi-media work, I plan to set up a series of temporary constructed spaces. Inspired by the work of Anne Hardy, I aim to present a series of ‘documented’ photographs of people within social networking ‘habitats’ that are reverse translations from online to real-world sites.

The residency starts next week and there are open studios every Sunday, so I hope anyone who’s interested in the work will come by for a cup of tea.

What’s flavouring my art right now… Ariel, size 11, 1.5 spacing, social networking, Actor-Network theory and Post-post-post-post-post-post-modernism

What I like right now… Beautiful modified people of the Inner West, insightful and unconventional street art especially that of Will Coles, Google+, riding my new bike and lots of Diet Coke

Favourite website… http://feministing.com

Favourite watering hole… Oh too many, I like Corridor and the Courthouse on a weekday when it’s not too crowded. I like the Town Hall because you’ll always run into someone hilarious and unexpected. I also really like the wonderfully eccentric Friend in Hand in Glebe.

Favourite Marrickville secret… It’s not really a secret, but I do really love The Bower in the Addison Road Centre. I think it keeps a lot of Inner West artists from not having spaces furnished entirely out of milk crates (not that there’s anything wrong with that haha)

Embodied – Plump Gallery Newtown

BioWallpaper shaddow

Bloody Machine


Bloody Machine (2011) from Grace Kingston on Vimeo.

Experimental research practice 2010

Shaddow Drawing crop
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